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DVP-SV Series 왼쪽 고속 확장 가능 MPU

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- MPU points: 28
 - Max. I/O points: 512
 - Program capacity: 16K Steps
 - Instruction execution speed: 0.24µS (basic instruction)
 - Communication port: Built-in RS-232 and RS-485, compatible with MODBUS ASCII / RTU communication protocol.
 - Data register: 10,000 words
 - File register: 10,000 words
 - High-speed pulse output: Supports 4-point (Y0, Y2, Y4, Y6) high-speed pulse output, 2-group (Y0, Y1)
    (Y2, Y3) A/B phase pulse output and 2-group (Y0 ~ Y3 &Y4 ~ Y7) 2-axis interpolation.
    All outputs can reach 200KHz. - Built-in 4 groups of hardware high-speed counters