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DVP-ES2/EX2 Series 표준형 제어 MPU

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- MPU points: 16 / 20 / 24 / 32 / 40 / 60- Program capacity: 16k steps- Built-in with 3 COM ports: 1 RS-232 port- Built-in with 3 COM ports: 1 RS-232 port and 2 RS-485 ports, all are able to operate independently
- Max. I/O points: 256 input points + 16 output points, or 256 output points + 16 input points- DVP-EX2 MPU is built in with 12-bit 4AD/2DA and offers analog/temperature modules of 14-bit
  resolution.- Built-in with 8 high-speed input points (2 points for 100kHz, 6 points for 10kHz) and supports U/D,
  U/D Dir, A/B counting modes- New motion control instructions: Close loop control, alignment mark, shield, immediate variable speed,
  S-Curve acceleration/deceleration- Application in emerging industry: Exclusive instructions and function blocks designed for PV solar
  tracker- Handy instructions for frequency inverter: For controlling the forward running, reverse running, RUN 
  and STOP of Delta@@s AC motor drives- Password protection: Password for subroutine, user ID, restriction on trial times- Highly efficient instruction efficient instruction execution